The Road to Wellness – An Introduction

Hi, there is so much information I look forward to sharing with you here at Wellnessary. Knowledge and tips that can hopefully lead more people to feeling better and living more healthy lives. Wellness is a passion of mine, started by my own experiences and the current health crisis.

Years ago this month, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. My symptoms mimicked that of diabetes and that is what I thought I had (very thirsty, tired, etc.). I was in a stressful job (well people around me made it seem like everything was a crisis – looking back now I feel sorry for people who don’t know real stress) that affected me…and my neck. I would often feel a tightness in my thyroid area / throat. It all made sense looking back. Stress + not a  lot of sleep + little destress (I worked really long hours and, at first, had a very rude “boss,” with her drama drama drama, which didn’t help) does not wellness make. However, I felt like the Energizer bunny…I kept going and going being the young, highly motivated go getter I was/am. I made some great friends and worked with some great people (it says a lot when you hang out on the weekends also)…that and not being a quitter is what kept me there. 

I hope one day my thyroid concern can be a concern no more. Armed with my knowledge, training and experience in nutrition and holistic health, I work toward the goal of healing…myself and others.




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