Hello and welcome to Wellnessary.com

With a passion for, and interest in, obtainable, relatable and realistic well-being, I created this site. With Wellnessary.com, I hope to help promote keys to help people live as well as they can. Many of us have, or have had, stressful careers, life experiences, tragedies, and less than blissful moments. What has helped me and many people I have talked with, is finding what (healthy or healthful) method best helps us. Each of us are different – and bio-individuality comes into play – meaning what works for one may not work for another. That is okay. We are all unique. I hope, from this site, that you learn something you didn’t know, or maybe you look at something differently, or incorporate (or take out) something, or some thought, maybe you didn’t previously. In a world full of toxins and stressors, we need to focus more on our well-being if we want to be well. It is about us taking the initiative toward true health care – not health business.

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