[thrive_drop_caps color=’teal’ style=’1′][/thrive_drop_caps]Can you tell me a little more about yourself? 

Originally, I, like most people, thought if you weren’t feeling well, you went to the conventional doctor and they maybe ran tests and if something was wrong, they gave you medicine. As I got older, gaining more insight, I realized not only was their approach and “answer” quick, there were often no other recommendations or suggestion given. “Take this medicine, it should make you feel better.” Not, “I am going to give you this antibiotic. It will mess with your gut flora, so make sure to take a high-quality probiotic.” Not, “I am going to prescribe this medicine, guessing at maybe that is what is wrong, but not sure (in the meantime, the person gets side effects from the unnecessary medicine).” Not, “now I am giving you this medicine, which will deplete this vitamin, so make sure to supplement.”  You probably get it. It is frustrating and shouldn’t be that way.

That is what I, as a health and wellness coach, who has studied applied functional medicine (most that I am aware of haven’t) come in…not only connecting the dots in your life and wellness but I also have the training to analyze blood/lab work and find interconnectedness and root causes, that in my experience, others don’t spend time on. Many have said it is an health investment – working towards healing – and sometimes reversal – of health concerns.


What is your approach to wellness?

My client programs are highly individualized for each person. No two clients are the same and neither are their goals or lifestyles.  My overall approach is one understanding and sustainability. With a caring spirit and listening ears, I help clients first by making gradual edits to their daily life. Being overwhelmed or having a long list of things to change often times is not sustainable. I also believe balance is key.


I’m interested in a consultation and your programs, what advice do you have?

You have made a great decision by listening to yourself and having wellness goals – congrats! Being open minded and ready to make a difference in your life is the first step. I encourage you to read the ‘about’ and ‘work with us’ pages and schedule an initial consultation. In the first meeting, I will learn about your health history/background and goals and see if our action plans align.


How long are your programs? 

Most programs are six months (12 sessions, 2 sessions a month) as that is how long, on average, one usually sees the most progress and it is the most beneficial.

On certain occasions, there may be programs as short as three months (6 sessions, also 2 times a month). As I mentioned, this is an investment in your health and well-being.


I would like to partner with Wellnessary or would like more information, who do I contact? 

Thank you! Please email Hello@Wellnessary.com