Easy Green Juice Recipe

Ever since I purchased this juicer, (which I highly recommend…especially if you aren’t currently making your own juice or getting enough vegetables or fruit) I have been a green juicing machine. It’s easy, healthful and very nutrient dense. So simple, there is no recipe, just juice to your own taste.

Usually, I will throw in celery (organic) and the “box” of organic spinach, kale and chard and juice those together. Then, I will add lemon (or pineapple) to sweeten the greens and help counteract the green-y taste…stir and voil√†, your own superfood, organic, alkaline and very healthful drink (without all the other added stuff). You can cut the lemon in pieces and put in the juicer, however, I almost prefer to just squeeze the lemon myself. Sometimes I will add organic carrot, like I have below. Usually, I will juice carrots separately and then add in a little ginger (or you can add orange to balance the flavor).

I usually bottle two in these and drink one that day and the other the next to maintain the freshness and all of the nutrients. (If you get bottles, also make sure to get these).