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Founded by a proactive, driven, applied functional medicine practitioner, certified holistic health coach and wellness consultant, Kristine has been trained to work with people, through a custom-tailored/individualized program, to help them achieve their wellness, health and lifestyle goals through food and lifestyle changes.

Kristine works with clients to lead truly healthier lives by addressing the root causes of concerns, not the usual, and all-too-common, conventional medicine way: sickness – to prescription – to side effects from prescriptions – to often more illness. In our often hurried, traditional health care system it is usually the band-aid approach…and that is not okay. There is a better way.

When was the last time you had someone truly listen to what you are saying or feeling, your symptoms, health background and receive the attention you deserve? From the first consultation, to the health history, to analyzing lab work and results, to the path of healing by maximizing what is needed and minimizing what is harmful, each program is highly customized to the individual client. It is not a one-size-fit-all model.

Kristine is passionate about diving into and analyzing the origin of one’s concerns. Even before furthering her education in health and wellness, she was successfully helping people holistically, through the right combination of supplements, nutrition and more…and can help you too. Not resting on her laurels with one wellness program, she wanted to learn even more for her clients and herself and studied applied functional medicine, which among many other things, she focused on the interconnectedness within a client’s history and genetics, physiology, diet and nutrition, lab work, symptoms and goals, and lifestyle choice. In addition, she further focused on the origins of disease in the gut, adrenal and thyroid health and disease, and women’s health.

Kristine graduated from the University of Southern California, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and received her master’s degree from Northwestern University. She has continued her education with The School of Applied Functional Medicine, as well as through various functional medicine practitioner-led programs. She is passionate about redefining wellness.


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


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